Inspiration becomes vision. Vision becomes project. Project becomes material. This is Karpeta. A creative process that grows day by day, nurtured by the desire to combine the most traditional weaving techniques with the need to talk about the present.


In 2006, Daniele Morabito founded Karpeta in Reggio Calabria, located in the southernmost point of Italy, a region rich in ancient traditions and myths once known as Magna Grecia. It is here the land and sea merges, used as a strategic port for explorers sailing the Mediterranean in search of new worlds and was a crossroads for people. Eager to explore new horizons, Daniele’s pioneering soul left to travel the ancient caravan routes. 

He was inspired by his father – an antique collector- who on his travels would return home with antiques and precious objects from distant places. Daniele subsequently developed a great appreciation for decorative objects and the stories they told. His family’s passion inspired him to start creating textile works for handmade rugs using ancient techniques by which the aesthetics and functionality could convey the language of modern time. After a careful study of the market, he discovered there was room for rugs to form a bridge between tradition and modernity. Karpeta became the story that transforms the traveller into an entrepreneur and projects contemporary design of a valuable hand-crafted product, resulting from ancient knowledge lost in the mists of time.


The language of an international team of designers that is renewed each year, is reproduced through the weft of the products, where the supreme art of hand-made becomes the added value to aesthetics. The result is a creative freedom, revealed by the colours and materials used and by the desire to communicate in a fluid, yet decisive way.

There is no limit to the visionary inspiration of an aesthetic in constant renewal and experimentation that wants to transform itself into a contemporary expression of design. In this way, different cultures and visions intertwine in the yarns, inspiring new colour combinations and wefts that redefines the materials, objects and spaces which shapes the space itself and enhances perspectives.


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